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I am committed to Documentaries that bring together styles and topics with a questioning spirit that  breaks barriers and boundaries.


It is often said that India lives in four centuries at any time. When one lives and breathes in such a dynamic country, as a conscious and informed individual, everything in ambit becomes his or her concern. Time and again, issues ranging from environment to politics, from spirituality to medical science, have provoked me, stared at me... and I have come across hundreds of people from various walks of life who have wanted to address such issues or speak about them or question the existing setup and the system in which we live.

What better a medium to convey these issues than the one that I have been associated with for the past three decades …FILM.

In this world today, we are ensconced in our own selfish cocoons, indulging in a staple diet of escapist fare that television and cinema constantly and unfailingly dish out. There is a dire need to keep a reality check on the REAL world around us. Documentaries to me are the mirror, which reflects that real world.

I also realized that many of us have been restricted very often because of inadequate resources, shortage of platforms and lack of professional guidance and approach. Thus, I felt that there was a need for a platform/ organization that could facilitate these thoughts into action, and I decided to let action speak...the result is IDF.

IDF is a non-profit organization that encourages and corroborates all documentary related activities under its umbrella, thus providing a viable platform for people who are trying to bring a change through films. It helps in creating awareness and developing a market for documentaries. It also helps in capacity building—infrastructure development for making documentary films, training workshops for filmmakers and making documentary films accessible to the world.

I believe that documentary is a very elastic medium that has the ability to explore, investigate, reflect, and reveal in a very creative way and IDF will become a significant center of social-conscience of our global village.

There is no other place in the world which has so many stories to tell like India.

IDF intends to indulge in this and take this highly underrated, under-exposed and absolutely necessary form of art to the next level and bring to it funds, respect, exposure and the expertise that it needs in India.