TriggerPitch 2011 had its debut in Trivandrum at the 16th Kerala International Film Festival with an aim to connect documentary films with the change makers from the country. The forum was immensely successful with documentary filmmakers receiving support from the media and the other change makers involved.

TriggerPitch coverage in the media:

  • The Economic Times carried an article on TriggerPitch.
  • Film India Worldwide had an article on TriggerPitch in their Feb-April issue.
  • Outlook Business carried an article on TriggerPitch and the documentary films involved in their Feb 2012 issue.

Changes that came about for the films that participated in this forum were: 

Beijing Besieged by Waste:
A lady from Milano Cinema Africano Asia America Latina Film Festival, who was present at TriggerPitch, had taken a screener of the film Beijing Besieged by Waste. They contacted the Director Wang Jiuliang to take the film for their International Competition Program. CGH Earth is screening the film for the Cochin Chamber of Commerce during an event organized to inaugurate the plant which converts waste into energy. This event is being patronized by the bigwigs of the commerce industry and aims to revolutionize the way India looks at waste.

You Don't Belong:
The film You Don't Belong was screened by NDTV in April 2012.

Pestering Journey 
The film Pestering Journey was also screened by NDTV and the film was supported by Salman Khan: Being Human Foundation that ran an online campaign with details on the availability of the film and where it could be purchased.

Rat Race
The film Rat Race was released in India by PVR Cinemas in PVR Juhu and PVR Phoenix, and by Big Cinemas at Ghatkopar. It was simultaneously released in PVR Gurgaon, and in Bangalore. It was the first time in India that a documentary film released in India across 5 theaters; the release was accompanied by creative hubs which were organized by IDF at the Mumbai Theaters.

Mahindra recognized all the documentaries as being Impactful and Powerful and creatively executed.

Mahindra Creative Award for Social Change was shared by all the documentary films.